This is a Free Website Rotator. We will be focusing on 1 hour between claims websites. When you click next, you will be redirected to a free site where you can get crypto for free. Each page takes an hour interval to let you claim again. When you've done all faucets, it will redirect you to this page, and you can start the countdown manually. Make sure you hit it, or it won't work this way. Also do note that the application is free, but the sites are not. Make sure to always download the last version of the app (currently v0.01) so you will avoid most ads. In other matters, if you are on desktop, make sure to use NoScript (you can download it here for Chrome or Firefox If you are on mobile, grab Firefox first and then search on the Addons Section "NoScript".

Want to buy cryptocurrencies? Nothing easier, go on ahead and go to Coinbase That is only if you want to pay for crypto. The purpose of these pages, though, is to get it for free.

Now let's talk about REWARDS. For each 1000 Shiba Inu that you claim, I will give you up to 0.02 TRX. How? Direct to Wallet.